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Stroke Worksheet - Yellow and Violet

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This worksheet is Yellow and Violet. (*Each worksheet contains only one color scheme. The image above is for comparison.)

Created by Deanne Fortnam MDA these Stroke worksheets illustrate the use of complementary colors in a design. Study values in stroke groupings. See the different embellishments on elements within the design.

You can laminate these and practice on top, or store in clear plastic sleeves, place palette paper over and practice line-work and strokes. 

Available in 3 complementary color schemes with instructions, paint colors (some may no longer be available) and step-by-step images. 

2 pages: 1 full size photo, color swatches, step-by-step illustrations.

*** NoteWhile some paint colors may have been discontinued, mixing recipes may be found on the DecoArt website - Discontinued colors. However, the important part of the worksheet, no matter what colors you use, are the value scales.

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