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Cheri Rol MDA
Recorded Video

Besides the sparkle and shine of a red teapot, glazing accents, and painting beautiful daisies, you will learn what fun you can have painting a checkerboard tablecloth complete with stitching!

Though Cheri’s attention to detail is well known, she keeps it simple, easy, and repetitive. Four hours of instruction, including line drawing, color map, and color swatches, a complete Three Day Workshop online!

Cheri paints with a mix of oils and alkyds that usually dry overnight however you may paint with any medium you wish.

Learn how to:

  • Paint Ceramic
  • Daisy Petals
  • Reflections and Shadows
  • Checkerboard Cloth
  • Stitching detail

PDF with supplies, color placement map and instructions for you to download, save and print. 

You will have access to your own personal classroom 24/7. Please allow us a little extra time nights and weekends, after your purchase, to add you to the classroom.

Price: $40.00