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Scottie Foster Artist Bio

While living in Heidelberg, Germany for six years, Scottie became fascinated with the beautiful painted boxes and furniture found in museums and shops in Bavaria.  Having had only a few lessons in tole painting several years before, Scottie jumped at the chance to take Bauernmalerei (Bavarian Folk Art) painting lessons from Mary Caballero, a wonderful English-speaking German lady in Heidelberg.  Mary inspired her students to paint every day, to have patience in learning and to persevere to the end of each project with the promise that all who truly wanted to learn to paint this happy form of folk art could do it.  However, the lesson that meant even more to Scottie was Mary’s insistence that all designs be free-handed onto the wood surface – not traced!  By practicing this technique, it was possible to develop a unique style and to create original designs.  Scottie still feels that these principles are some of the most important to instill in minds and hearts of beginning painters. 
Since returning to the US in 1978, Scottie has published many books and pattern packets as well as written articles for painting magazines. Scottie’s books and packets are written in a simple, clear and comprehensive manner in order to bring the excitement of Bavarian Folk Art painting to all levels of painters from beginners to teachers. She loves to spread the word that if you really have the desire to paint and are willing to practice, anyone can become a folk artist and have a wonderful painting time!
For the past thirty plus years, Scottie has also traveled around the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Korea spreading the joy of Bauernmalerei to eager seminar students as well as teaching regular classes locally.  Nowadays, she is semi-retired and enjoys traveling, gardening, ballroom dancing and other creative pursuits with her wonderful husband of 55 years, Jack, who has always been super supportive of all of her creative endeavors.
Lately, Scottie has been downsizing a bit so on her website you can find many of her painted treasures listed for sale in her Boutique. More are added from time to time. All of her books are still available on her website too. To contact Scottie by email: scottie@bavarianfolkartcom. Happy Painting!

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Austrian Style Mailbox Original Painting
Fruit & Flowers Large Tray Original Painting
Ornate Scrolled Clock Original Painting

Black Forest Clock Original Painting

Small Revetsible Tray Original Painting