Maxine Thomas has been painting since she put her first born on the Kindergarten bus in Stuttgart, Germany….he turns 50 this year.  She was a military wife for 20 years, moving here and there (32 times) finally ending up near the  Rocky Mountains where she started her life.  She is the proud Mother of 4 children and 20 grandchildren. She has been a member of SDP for over 40 years and is grateful to have a couple of her projects in the International Decorative Arts Museum.  She is the author of books and packets under her business name COUNTRY PRIMITIVES and teaches her designs across the US and abroad.  Like most of the teachers these days she needed to learn a new skill…teaching by Zoom.  She loves that she can still meet with her students and, hopefully, teach them something new, but misses being able to walk by and see them and their good works in person.  Painting has brought her best friends all over the world and opportunities she never thought possible and she is super grateful for all those painters that have touched her