Thank you for deciding to participate in the Certification Program.  It is one of the most challenging and exciting programs, providing an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their very best.


Entry Fees payable here

Mailback Fees will be posted shortly.

Design and Instructions no longer available for 2023

Boards must be submitted between September 20th and October 4, 2023.

(Please do not send your board outside of this time period. Remember, we no longer have an office, nor staff.)

Design & Instructions.  No longer available for 2023.

  • ADP – Stroke, Still Life
  • CDA – Stroke, Still Life
  • MDA – Stroke, Still Life, Floral

You may pay for your:

  • Entry Fee – available now.
  • Mail Back Fees – due to expected USPS shipping rate increases – they will be online late August.