Julie Cloud – Dotted Christmas Mug – Dec.1, 2021

Paints can be ordered direct from or any number of other suppliers. 

The cups are from Dollar Tree.  Must be glass to bake in oven to cure. prefer dark color, round, no taper to the cup shape.

Mandela Dotting Kits Information – Amazon
5 Pieces Mandala Dot Painting Tool Stencils Template Set,
8/12/16 Segment Creative Mandala Stencils Reusable Painting Stencils for DIY Painting Art Projects  $9.68 *Required for Julie Cloud’s December 1 dotting class. Link to Amazon

19PCS Mandala Dotting Tools Set with a Zipper Storage Bag for Painting Rocks,
ABenkle Mandala Stencil Ball Stylus Paint Tray Set   $9.95
Not required for dotting cups but necessary for dotting on other surfaces. Link to Amazon

Mark Menendez – Christmas Poinsettias – Dec. 16. 2021

pre-patterned paper –

Debbie Cushing – On Alert – Dec. 29, 2021

Order Suede Board surface here:

Kathy Swigon CDA – Snowed In – Jan. 12, 2022

DePalma Woodcrafts – OVL-PLKS (11” X 8” insert)
Scharff Brushes – Series 237 – ½” & 3/8” Foliage Brush

*** Linda Sharp’s Trivet Class: Online recorded video

Supplies:  the surface may be purchased from Linda on her website here. Limited quantity available.