I just wanted to let you know that I had a blast in this class! The painting wasn’t complicated but I learned so much. Marlene is a wonderful teacher. K.T

Fabulous instruction. What an opportunity to watch, learn and practice with Yuko. Incredible. …all info reaches you in a timely manner. Great class. B.R.

Overall best class ever!  Not only for certification!  F.B.

Thank you, Linda, Julie and Sue, for making today a terrific class day. H.F.

What a wonderful class we were able to have with Cheri. Excellent information, instruction and demos all in the comfort of our own homes. I would suggest anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the certification program to consider taking the class. S.D.

I agree with everyone, a great class, meeting new friends, learning and being challenged to grow and stretch. So much info and so much more to learn. Thank you to Cheri and Larry, and to Decorative Painting Academy for such an opportunity. N.D.

Thank you SDP for the opportunity on zoom to climb out of my doldrums and paint. I’ve learned a lot through the certification program and process. B.F.

Thank you for providing this video as ongoing correspondence learning. I highly recommend these certification classes as my painting has already improved from this study and practice

Thank you Sue! I really enjoyed Judith Westegaard’s class! She is a wonderful teacher! You can tell that she is very passionate about teaching! Even with the computer glitches she kept calm, well at least what we could see..I like all the detail she provided and her pattern has great pictures and detailed explanations!
Look forward to doing some other classes!

This five-day certification workshop taught by Cheri Rol was one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve had to date. I learned so much, from theory to tips, from concept to application. There is sooooo much I don’t know, so much I have yet to learn and practice. My thanks also to SDP for organizing programs like this. National is really stepping up to help its members. It was an outstanding week! I will do it again! P.H.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for offering these Art classes with all the talented artists. I was a bit intimidated when I signed up for the class.  Thinking I put myself for a challenge. However, Marlene made the experience a delight with her easy method of teaching.  After the class, I was happy with the outcome.  E.S.

It was our final Basics Strokework Clinic class this evening (though we still have homework to submit 😉). There is far more to learn than I thought about technique, positioning, color choices… but Yuko Culliney is an excellent teacher and given us valuable tuition and information. I am so grateful to SDP, Yuko … for these classes, which I would highly recommend whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, there’s always more we can learn.I’m now looking forward to the advanced classes next month. V.C.

I have to give 5 stars to Linda Sharp, of Fantasy Flowers for the incredible Zoom class I just experienced, and better still, learned from.  Linda is that rare breed, a teacher who is not going through the motions, but EXCITED about what is being taught, and that excitement comes through in both the instruction and coursework.  As a newbie to ‘mudding’, I was giddy that Linda was patient with the beginners in the class and followed along a coursework schedule so each step was followed, nothing being left out.  The real advantage of a Zoom class, the ability for 2-way interaction is usually not in play; mostly, they talk, you listen.  But in this class, the dozen students or so were allowed to respond back with questions, deepening the understand of what we were doing and why a particular technique worked better than another.  Exciting stuff!
Gotta recommend the class to everyone interested in becoming more ‘crafty’. The class is well done, the the teacher is excellent.  I look forward to signing up for more instruction and improving my own technique.