• Where do I find my pattern/packet and prep-instructions?
    • If you were unable to download your packet when you returned from PayPal there is a link in the receipt you received from Decorative Painters Academy when you registered. If you look down the left side you will see the words ” Your Packet Download” and to the right you will find the link to the packet.
  • When will I get the zoom link?
    • You will receive the zoom link approximately 48 hours before class. It will be sent to the email you used when you registered for the class. A reminder email will be sent the day of the class.
  • Will the class be recorded?
    • Classes are recorded at the discretion of the teacher. Each class is marked in the description if it will be recorded or not.
  • Where do I get supplies for class?
    • All supplies are the responsibility of the student and are listed in the instructional packet that you download. Check the Supplies tab at decorativepaintersacademy.com for specific supplies that are available through a third party for a particular class.
  • Are Supplies included in the class?
    • No supplies are included in the class fee and are the responsibility of the student.
  • What color can I sub for a listed color in the packet?
    • Any questions about color substitutions, clarification on prep instructions should be directed to the teacher of the class.
  • How can I find out if I signed up for a class already?
    • When you signed up you received a receipt from Decorative Painters Academy. Make a folder in your emails and move your receipt there so you can find it when you need it, mark it on your calendar so you know that you have paid. There is nothing on the website that lists the classes you have signed up for.

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